Cookie Alonzo started his passion in graphic design in the mid 90's in Los Angeles California and was applying them on race cars being used for, branding, special events and car shows in Los Angeles  and Las Vegas.

    2012  he decided to return to the Philippines started  a gun store business and now applies this same race car designing passion but this time on firearms and knives, creating his concepts and designs that he deep laser engraves  on firearms and knifes, thus building you a one of a kind bespoked piece of steel. He does not only do asthethic upgrades on firearms, he also does hardcore performance upgrades for competition use, duty and everyday carry.

    From his classic european baroque scrolls to ultra modern designs, you dream it he builds it, Cookie Alonzo, a pioneer in using fiber laser technology to deep laser engrave his designs on firearms or knifes, combined with  his expertise in the various types of metal finishes like  Premium Reblueing, Cerakoting, Hard Chroming, PVD and Gold Plating and the like thus giving you a fully customized and personalized masterpiece with an outstanding and magnificent presence.

    Using the latest in Fiber Laser Technology with his 100 Watt MOPA M7 3D Laser equipment he is able to create truly unique designs which he deep laser engraves on your pistol or knife giving you a true one of a kind art piece in steel

GUN Art by Cookie@BGC

2/F Fort Pointe II Bldg, 28th St, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Coordinates: 14.5498, 121.048